Two song sync completely different on new iPad?

Hey everyone,

So I just bought a new iPad and cloud synced my devices. For some reason certain songs are playing completely differently although I seem to have them setup exactly the same side by side. Ultimately one song whos vox I am isolating/sampling is playing wayyyyy slower on the new device even though the BPM/Sync are the same. The ± range on one device is +42 while the other is negative, is there a way this could be happening? I made a lil video to help describe:

as I saw, your tracks on new ipad has not analysed, right? If so, try that, and check again.
But anyway, strange…

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Hey DJ-Z,

I appreciate that thought! Went ahead and tried to analyze the songs on my new iPad just to check and still running into the same issue. I do appreciate you reaching out, such a weird issue that seems like has no manual override w/o messing up the entire base tempo of both syncs.

Hi @sssetz, it looks to me like djay may have analyzed the BPM incorrectly for that song on the new iPad.

  1. I recommend that you check what the BPM is with the pitch fader set to zero on your old iPad and manually edit the BPM on the new iPad to match (see below). Simply type the correct BPM number in the edit window.
  2. Once you’ve done this, you may also need to adjust the beat grids to match using the arrows buttons to move the grid lines left or right (see below).

I appreciate that info. So essentially just manually set it up, that would mean removing the sync ability tho–which is not ideal. I do greatly appreciate you thinking of potentially a work around for this specific song tho, but sometimes this seems to be happening more often and I’d love to get to the bottom of essentially what seems to be a bug.

ty @Slak_Jaw

Hi @sssetz, no you can still use Sync to beat match the songs together once you manually correct the analyzed BPM.

I’m recommending that you adjust the analyzed BPM on the new iPad to match the analyzed BPM on the old iPad. The software can sometimes calculate the BPM incorrectly when it first analyzes a song, especially with songs that don’t have a lot of percussion (acapellas for example) or with songs where the BPM varies (older music with a live drummer for example). I could be wrong, but my suspicion is that is what is going on here.

@sssetz I have linked a short video showing how to correct the analyzed BPM. Fast forward to the 0:35 mark in the video:

@sssetz here’s a more detailed tutorial on editing BPMs and beat grids, in case ,as I mentioned above, your analyzed beat grid it also off . I couldn’t find an iOS specific video, but this one for macOS should give you a pretty good idea anyway:

WOW, didnt even have to watch the videos once you sent this reply. I can confirm that was it, I just checked and yes I do need to readjust beat grids now but thats no issue at all. THANK YOU THANK YOU, this has been an issue for years and I just assumed I was never gonna get it fixed.


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@sssetz you’re welcome! Glad that solved your issue :grinning:

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