Two times Program CRASH 🤯

Last night on a party (working)
2/TWO :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: times
Just Drop/Crash/Closed
in the middle of the song
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :eyes:
I’m paying long time for this S
No Exceptions Not any more

I understand your anger and frustration. I’ve experienced crashes and equipment failures at live gigs and it is NEVER fun. Unfortunately, sometimes this is just a part of DJing and you need to prepare for it and have a backup plan.

If you want some help troubleshooting your specific problem and to find a work around and/or permanent fix, it would be helpful if you could:

  1. Provide the details of your setup (app ver, iOS ver, connected hardware, etc.).
  2. Also what was your music source during the crashes (Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport, etc.)?
  3. Were you doing anything specific during the 2 crashes that may have caused them (using Neural Mix, running 4 decks, running the Looper, etc.)?
  4. Have you recently changed anything in your setup that could have attributed to the crashes?
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Complaining on a forum might help you blow off whatever steam you’ve built up over your rig failing during a set, but it doesn’t help us (or algoriddim) help you.
To do so, we need to know what your system/rig is made up of - what phone/tablet/controller/interface was involved, which iOS/djay versions, what your Tidal subscription tier is, what you were doing at the time it crashed…like @Slak_Jaw said, @Digital_Jedi.
Detail this here, and you might just be surprised how your fellow users step up and get this sorted out, and how quickly. Remember, this is a pretty sophisticated piece of software, and it runs on a fairly large bunch of equipment, so the more specific you can be, the sooner you can confidently be back to reliably making the show/vibe/groove/party happen!


Ok, so my setup is IPad Pro M1 iOS 16.1.1 DJay app last update 4.1.7 Pioneer DDJ SB3 all original cables for connecting. I do nothing when crashing just like that In the middle of song. Only DJay app working stream from Tidal Hi Fi subscription. Also I restart the IPad before start the party and put display to Never lock.

@Digital_Jedi you might want to considering lowering your Tidal audio quality settings. Several users have been reporting issues when using Hi-Fi.

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Yes I know about that but why at all excited this function if not working properly🤔?!

Is that the current version of iPadOS? I thought we were up to 16.4.1 now…
(One thing I wonder on occasion is whether djay and Tidal app are in lockstep as far as development within the iOS/MacOS release schedule/flow, and if this ever causes some of the issues we experience. I’m sure it’s a matter of trying to grab various tigers by their tails.)


Tidal is lackluster considering the amount of subscriptions the DJing community has brought it. They should have a dedicated team. The first company that does it and markets to DJs will dominate the market. Spotify had a monopoly and gave it up for podcast bandwidth.


There are 2 premises behind Tidal: Higher sound quality, “direct from the artists,” and higher royalties to the artists. They built the model for little to no room for anyone/anything in the middle that will compromise those. (I’m not even 100% sure the coding people they have are up to speed on the DRM/licensing aspects, TBH, but the machine is rolling, the money is flowing…right?)
a dedicated tidal dev team is a nice idea…but unless/until something serious/dire happens on the fronts I’ve just detailed, it is what it is, I think.

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Constantly crashing!
I have the same problems. Since the new iOS update, I can no longer use the app without a crash. Both with iTunes library and Tidal!
The crash occurs after just a few minutes, even without intervention of a function.

iPad Pro 12.9“ iOS 16.4.1
djay pro 4.1.7
No hardware (Controller)

Is it possible that your Tidal sound quality setting is too high?
(yes, my head exploded considering this as well, but that’s what was causing my, and is causing others, problems)
Unless you have an MQA-qualified/approved audio interface, it seems that something breaks in djay when trying to play HiFi+ content from Tidal, and that may be a CoreAudio issue (feature?) that affects your iTunes library as well. Changing it to HiFi and rebooting is also helpful, and in some cases, signing out of Tidal, and then re-authorizing with this corrected setting can help as well.
Could you try this and report back please? I’m really hoping whichever dev from algoriddim handles keeping the Tidal integration functioning steps in and explains the real issue here at some point. Even if it’s just to confirm or refute the suspicions I have about MQA and CoreAudio…
(If it does turn out to be CoreAudio related, we’d need to get Apple Devs involved, and for that we’d need to make a REALLY large body of evidence, which you’d be contributing to by letting us know how making changes works for you)


Hey @Digital_Jedi - Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this issue.

As @Slak_Jaw pointed out, this is NEVER fun.

We’ve received some reports from users recently regarding issues loading tracks and crashing when the TIDAL quality settings are set to “Hi-Fi” or higher. We are investigating the issue to hopefully resolve it as soon as possible.

Could you try lowering your quality settings to “High” or “Normal” for now and let us know if the issue persists?

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!


So it crashes with my MP3’s, as you know now, Tidal and Apple no longer allow the Nueral mixer with their platform smh :person_facepalming:t5:, however mines is happening while using the nueral mixer with my MP3, it’s not on every song, but, it’s so unpredictable that it messes up the flow when it happens. For instance, if I take the drums out, all of sudden, deck will crash in that the song freezes and it’s a nightmare harmoniousmy.

Does it matter that I’m pulling these mp3 songs from my 5TB external drive?

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Hi @OneWhole_Entertainme,

  1. Can you please create a new topic for your issue as this sounds different from the existing topic?
  2. In the new topic, please try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable the necessary sharing permissions, and share a link to the video? This will help communicate the issue to the engineering team so they can try to reproduce it. Thanks!

I report after last update program frizzing a few times and I had to restart the IPad. :worried:
iPad Pro 12,9
iOS 17
Djay pro 5.1
Pioneer DDJ SB3

@Digital_Jedi are your issues after updating your iOS or after updating djay Pro?

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And also can’t control it from my DDJ SB3 I had to reload a song because CUE button not responding.

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