djay Pro Crashing on iPad

i have had this severall times now, allthough i do not yet played on gigs… but at home to learn it all. sudden disapears and show ipas pro desktop ??
i thing is was by changing some settings and after a sec it disapears .

also on connecting everything to start playing some knobs don’t work right
have to unplug a few times and testit to be sure all knobs are working…

this should not be, because we realy need to TRUST the hardware and software to work flallesly togeterh without question it first… so dajy needs al lot of work still before that TRUST realy willl be…

IOS latest version now is 17.3.1, but crashes were before this update.

withs all are GM midi

Hi @johnnyboyx,

  1. Please provide specific details about your iPad.
  2. How much free space is available on your iPad?
  3. How exactly are you connecting all of this hardware to your iPad? Please share photos of the connections along with details about any USB hubs you are using.
  4. Are you running any other applications in the background when using djay Pro (for example iCloud backup)?
  5. Please also refer to my personal recommendations for using djay Pro with iOS devices. These tips should really improve performance and reliability when DJing. iOS Specific Advice / Tips

Hi @johnnyboyx, I’m following up on my response from about 2 weeks ago. If you are still experiencing issues, can you please respond to my post above? If I don’t hear back from you in a few days, I will consider this solved and close the topic. Thanks!

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