Typing a quote in the search field for a track that contains a quote does not find that track

I have tracks in my library that contain a quote. For example “It’s Alright”

When I search for that track in the search field by typing in “It’s Alright” the search returns no results (see attached screen shot)

But when I type in a partial title as in “alright” the track "It’s Alright"appears in the search results (see attached screen shot)

There is a bug in the search logic that doesn’t find tracks with a quote when typing in the quote in the search field.

Please confirm/verify this is a bug or by design. If by design, not sure why that would be a restriction for as it was not like that in DJ Pro

Thank you

Hi there.

I solved this by going into settings, keyboard and then turning off ‘Smart Punctuation’

With smart punctuation on the single quote produces ‘ (slanted and would not match songs)

With smart punctuation off the single quote produces ’ (straight and matched songs)

Everything worked fine until apple added the new feature. Luckily they left a way to turn it off.

Good luck

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Thank you, that worked!

Glad to be of help

It would still be great if djay had the option to ignore all punctuation though. It’s a pain in the a$$ having to press non character keyboard keys to add punctuation that slows searching down.

If they added that feature, then typing:
It’s alright or Its alright and even it"s alright would all find your track :wink:

All “foreign” characters should be searched as base characters too (to save time).
Ie Beyonce should find Beyoncé and Michael Buble should find Michael Bublé.
I have just learnt to search for Beyonc & bubl
But that only works on a single name or last name!
Searching for e should find names with eèéêëēėę


Agree! Thanks again.

Hey All,

It looks like you’ve found a reasonable workaround to the issue for now (thanks for sharing the tip, @SteNight!).

Just wanted to jump in and let you know I’ve passed your feedback about this to our development team to see if we can improve things in this regard. Thanks for bringing this up… we really appreciate your help to keep improving the app. Cheers!

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