Ultimate metadata syncing solution between 2 computers, solutions from the Developers please!

Trying to get a 100% way to sync the metadata (Cue Points, Downbeat Grid and internal libraries - combined iTunes and Spotify playlists) between my desktop and my laptop (And possibly my iPhone/iPad). preferably in both directions, meaning sometimes I work on my desktop Mac at home to have access to my sound system and to the bigger screen and other times, I either enter new cue points etc during a set or while on my earbuds at a cafe.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY to have the changes reflected in either direction. Would it be possible to work with a symlink or alias and have the /music/djay Pro 2 folder synced via dropbox or icloud?

I’ve read all across this board but there’s a lot of guessing and maybes and threads that lead nowhere.

Can the developers please chime in and give us some insight.

Thank you,


Hi Louis,

all user data is being synced directly when you are working with an active iCloud and applications purchased in the Apple App Store. 

Is the service not being working at your end?

Hi Louis,

thank you for your feedback.

Improvements on the overall syncing are on our agenda.
I will go through your points step by step.

  1. At the moment this is not possible, I pushed the topic internally. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. This is currently not possible but on our agenda. Stay tuned.

  3. Cue Points are being synced already. As long as you are connected to your iCloud and you make sure to load another track on top of the track you recently prepared the data will be synced.


Anyone? anything? :slight_smile:

Does no one else consider this problematic?

  1. I just worked through two sets last night and need to access the setlists on my home computer to work on them and of course, it only shows me the local history of playlists and not the one from my laptop.

  2. I also don’t want to have to choose and select my * faves tab under FX EVERYTIME I decide to open the app. That alone takes up 18 clicks to do!!! Insanity!!

  3. also what good is a default setup like this when I start up the app?

both panels in the middle filled with the same 3 cue points? also the same FX on 2 of the three slots?!?!

I don’t understand how randomly this app makes the choice on startup.

Does anyone have any insight?

That’s what I understand from reading the manual and all the threads on here.
I do have a fully functioning iCloud account (photos, desktop etc all sync fine) and DJ Pro is ticked under the iCloud Drive settings on all devices.

  1. Cue points sometimes sync and sometimes do NOT transfer or get lost after I set them on one device.

  2. FX definitively do NOT keep their settings over here.

  3. The queue list also doesn’t update and reflect the changes/additions on each device.

I always check the iCloud syncing and it always gives me an accurate and current supposed iCloud syncing status on all devices.

Please lmk how I can help you guys to look into this.

any news on this?

Hi, still nothing?

The issues remain the same. There’s no way that “ALL DATA” is being synced, Lukas!

Would you mind specifying what should be synced via iCloud in the first place and then give me possible pointers as to why it ISN’T syncing.

The areas that I’d like be the same on all of my three devices (MacPro, MacBook 7 iphone) would be as follows:

  1. USER INTERFACE: preferably once I’ve opened and set up my UI, I would want ti to open the same way on the laptop (I’m aware that it won’t be able to look/sync the same way on an iphone/ipad of course)

  2. HISTORY: of songs played on either system. When I browse files or play a live set and bring in new tunes I would have to be able to retrieve them afterwards on the system that I might NOT have with me at that point, hence the need to be able to look up the synced session history.

  3. CUE POINTS and CYCLE LOOP Settings: This works proabbly 80 % of the time. I just had another case where I painstaikingly name my saved loops and it transfers only 1 of the 4 loop names (it transfers the loop setting but not the names: see attached screenshots, the one on the left is the original (MacPro) and the one on the right the supposedly synced one on my MAcBook Pro, have a look at the ‘saved loops section’)

Thank you for clarifying, Lukas, much appreciated.

As for 3. I did that and it still ended up in that half updated state. Hm…

Another question:

If I used a sync tool like chronosync and synchronized the two dj Pro folded in the music folder manually would that screw everything up? Meaning syncing the main library file?

Do you have any insight on my last question in regards to using a third party syncing app?