Unable To Log Into Spotify Using DJay 2


I am unable to log into Spotify in DJay 2.

I click on settings/library and I have no log in option.

If I click on ITunes and then go back, I then get a log out option appear, but I am unable to click this and it does nothing.

Any help would be appreciated, as I’ve bought this primarily to use with my Spotify play lists and am unable to do so.

You have to open the app. Click on the add or open musik to deck button, then select spotify, not itunes. Then it should let you log in.

Hi Marco,

DJ Ivan is right, I hope you enjoy using djay!

Best Regards,


Thanks for your assistance.

Worked and now happily using DJay2 again inconjunction with Spotify.

I have one further question.

When using Spotify as your source of tunes, are you unable to add a full playlist into the cue anymore like you used to in the past?