Unable to Shuffle the “Queue” in Djay Pro AI

I am unable to see the 3 dots icon in the Automix workspace(iPad) within the “Queue” song list, in order to select the “Shuffle”.
If I select another playlist, i am then able to see the 3 dots icon.
How can I shuffle the “Queue” playlist in Djay Pro AI?

Hey @Jorgem400 - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post.

At the moment, there is no way to Shuffle the Queue. The Queue is meant to be the next songs to play in order.

If you’d like to Shuffle songs with Automix, you would have to do this by using a Playlist as the source instead of the Queue.

However, if you’d liked to see Queue “Shuffling” implemented into djay, I highly encourage you to post this in our Suggestions section of the Community. This allows other users to vote for the same feature.

I hope this helps!

Feel free to reach out here in the Community if you have further questions or suggestions, and have a great day!

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