Unable to “sign in with Apple” on Tidal through the djay ios app

I created an account on Tidal using sign-in with Apple, which generates a token and a relay email address thus there is no password. I tried to sign in, to Tidal from djay app but when I select apple account it asks for my apple ID and password which there is non because I didn’t have to create one when I chose to “sign in with apple” when I created my Tidal account.

Do you have Private relay activated in your iOS settings? (This may be more of an Apple issue than an algoriddim one…interesting.)
If I’m correct, This must not be a new issue, since that functionality has been around for a while now. I would definitely reach out to Apple, or go talk to the good people at your nearest Apple Store Genius bar…there has to be a work around.

Hi @Tokito, welcome to the community. Please try the following procedure:

  1. Close djay and perform a Forced Restart of your device (https://support.apple.com/guide/ipad/force-restart-ipad-ipad9955c007/ipados).
  2. Confirm that you are logged into your Apple ID on your iPad in the top section of iPad Settings menu (Sign in to your iPad with Apple ID - Apple Support)
  3. Launch djay and try logging into Tidal again. If asked for a Tidal user name and password use the same credentials as your Apple ID above.

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