Unable to sort Tracks by 'Key' in DJAY2 Music library on Ipad

All of a sudden I don’t seem to be able to sort my tracks by ‘Key’ in the Music Library. I was able to sort by key only the day before and nothing has changed. I haven’t downloaded any Apple updates etc etc. I have even uninstalled the app and then downloaded it again, but still the same problem. Anyone had the same problem? I’m confused!!

For me, I’ve lost the key information all together in my iTunes library but not on the Spotify information.

I would be so happy if the bug fix would involve passing through my “Mixed In Key” Camelot code information from My ID3 tags. In a perfect world, we would have that as an option in the settings. :wink:

That’s great Adrian, thank-you for your prompt reply.

That’s great Adrian. Thank-you all for your quick response to this.

We are aware of this problem. The fixed update will be released asap. We kindly ask for your patience in the meantime.

We’re happy to announce that the fixed update is now available. Thank you guys for your patience!