Unable to split audio and video with AirPlay makes DJay Pro for iPad useless for Pro DJ with video.

After trying all possibilities, there is a major flaw with DJay Pro on an iPad for those who want to use Video and a controller / mixer. The program has so many good features but one major flaw which is now stopping me using it - it is IMPOSSIBLE to send video from the iPad whilst sending the sound through the mixer / controller.
I’ve tried 2 methods:

  1. Using the Apple AV connector. The video out works fine through HDMI, but the controller / mixer (A Numark Mixdeck Quad in my case) is not recognised. There’s little point in the sound being send through the HDMI signal as that’s no use to a DJ.

  2. Using AirPlay. Again, it’s no good for a DJ. You can send both the video and sound through AirPlay but not the video through AirPlay and the sound through the mixer. Again, there is no use to a DJ (at least one working professionally) in sending the video and audio through AirPlay. It needs to be separated and audio sent to the mixer.

It’s such a shame is the software is so close to being brilliant, but such a major flaw stops it being useful for video. As I use 99% video, I’ll have to stick with Virtual DJ on my MacBook, I just thought it was so convenient having all of the stuff on the iPad rather than carry a laptop and HD around.

There is a possible way to do it, but it is so complicated and so unstable that I wouldn’t do it at a gig. You could AirPlay, then split the HDMI audio out from Apple TV and back into a spare channel on the mixer, but this would probably suffer a loss in sound and also, if the AirPlay connection dropped, so does the music.
Please can Algoriddim look at this as it would make this usable for me instead of the waste of money it currently is for my needs.
Thank you.

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I am absolutely disappointed as I am suffering the same problem. Before buying either the app and my Reloop Mixtour I asked both companies and both replying that it was possible to use all together. Today I finally acquired an Apple TV and proceed to test all together… and as Stuart 6 months ago wrote about this… this is not working at all. I have spent a lot of money in everything (IPad pro, Djay Pro, Reloop mixtour, Apple TV) and I cannot do anything with it. I will have to continue with my old laptop and Hercules controler. I have the feeling that I have been deceived because before buying I was told by Algoriddim and Reloop in mails I sent that all this was possible with AirPlay.

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I think there is no solution because if there is outputing video even through airplay, ipad cannot select the reloop audio card to output the music, so no pre-cue and nothing. I returned the Reloop mixtour to Amazon, and I asked for a refund of the app I bought.

i have the same issue, now 3 weeks waiting for an email reply and 4 months for many of you here, Algoriddim could easily charge $10 more for the software and make it work properly (and add support staff so its HUGE community stays happy and continues to grow) this gemini mentality does not fly with us pioneer / pro quality users… my $1200 ipad pro sends Video great out to hdmi as long as i do not want to use a controller or have a headphone cue that has zero latency (currently the headphone is about a second behind the output of audio video through hdmi, which makes for pretty useless cueing too…) these are simple inquiries. But complicated by the 4 month to a year to get responses.

Maybe if everyone posted this on FB and twitter mentioning @algoriddim and hashtagging we can get a response sometime in 2018, hey theres 11 months left…lol

would seem with latest ipads and USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter that one could connect the ipad to Beatloop or whatever controller and at same time use HDMI, as the cable has usb, lightning and HDMI ports, but without clarity from the company that loves to tout video (1 year later still) who wants to drop $800 on a controller to test and return…not me, but perhaps that is the only way with this company.

It’s really frustrating isn’t it? I would use the app if this could be solved. If not, I’m sticking with Virtual DJ on my Mac - was the iPad that I want to use though.

Is anyone form Algoriddim actually going to reply and acknowledge this?

I have the same issue, but the OP here explained it much better than me!

Why has nobody answered this ? Such an important issue, especially when you just folked out for a large LED TV to use ?

I am also looking for an answer to this. I really want to purchase the mixon 4 but can not find a way to let the controller connect and send hdmi video to a screen. My only thought is to try a lightning splitter then go to the apple hdmi AV adapter. I’m a little nervous to damage my new iPad Pro 12.9. For now the only thing I’ve been able to do if I run video is to use the iPad as a sole unit running everything to my video screen then pulling the audio back to my amps. Algoriddim please help!

I have the same problem!
I have a WeGO4 and wanted to use my iPad Pro for my gigs instead of the Mac and I love the DJ Pro software when testing it - well I did until I wanted to attach my WeGO and also only project the video rather than my whole iPad screen!!!
I use almost all videos and that’s why folk use me.
What on earth is the point of putting the video capability of the app through AirPlay and not being able to split the sound???
I can’t believer anyone would DJ using AirPlay, if it’s for home use or some other reason then don’t call the App “DJ Pro”.

DJ Pro App - take out the video option and charge less for it!!

Dear algoriddim, thousands of users worldwide have this same problem and needs a final answer from you. I would like to do the same, but it don ́t works. But on your website it reads so wonderfully!

I just learned the hard way at a gig that audio would not go thru my mixer when using airplay to my projector. What a crucial issue! Any solution to this???

Same problem.
I wonder if someone from Algoriddim is going to say anything.

Nothing from Algoriddim. Sad.

Tendak 4K x 2K HDMI to HDMI and Optical TOSLINK SPDIF + 3.5mm Stereo Audio Extractor Converter HDMI Audio Splitter Adapter(HDMI Input, HDMI + Digital / Analog Audio Output)… Look at this on Amazon… Would this solve the problem?

Has there been any fix? Found this out the hard way at a gig last night.