Unavailable files in playlist

Hey all,

I have the frustrating problem that some tracks are showing as not available in the playlist.

So then I try searching for them on my computer in the ‘browse’ section of DJ Pro 2. When I find the track… I’m able to drag them onto one of the decks and it plays just fine.

However, if I remove the ‘missing’ file from the playlist and re-add it into the playlist, it immediately shows up as unavailable again. It’s as though once it’s marked unavailable, DJ Pro 2 always thinks that track is unavailable forever and ever!

A similar problem also occurs with Spotify tracks in Dj Pro 2 playlists - where if I then go on to buy the Spotify track as an MP3 and add it to a playlist (because I want to play it offline in sets) - DJ Pro 2 still thinks it’s a Spotify track! Which means I’m not able to play it offline in sets, at least not from the playlist :frowning:

Is there a solution to this problem please? It’s causing me no end of trouble!

Hi Benjy,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Can you tell us in which file format the exemplary track is in?
Is it locally available on your device?

Cheers,Lukas E.

It’s in MP3 format - and yes it’s locally available, and also can be played in DJ Pro 2 but not from a playlist as it always shows as unavailable.