Understanding Sync / Sync Master / Tempo Reset [Win / DVS]

I am not too sure if its ok to flood my subjects, I am just getting into the software… maybe I will have followups so please break me in time :smiley: As the trial period of seven days will rush easily I am putting myself into the stress to understand and try out as much as possible in that short period.

I have started to map my existing X1MK2 to the software which does kinda work for the moment. I would like to mention that modifiers and fixed states would be a nice feature. I’d be fine if that would be limited to the mapping-file but that at least would need some documentation - or is there any?

I have mapped my left sync button to:

  • sync on Deck 1
  • enable master sync on Deck 2 > this is also the setting for
    (and the right sync button accordingly to sync/Deck2 - masterSync/Deck1)

Now my expected behavior would be:

  • Deck 1 is synced to Deck 2
  • I can adjust my phase / nudge / pitch the left platter without changing anything on the second deck on top of the synced bpm
  • when I turn off sync the adjusted bpm stays active - thought that is a reason for tempo reset to exist?

What it is actually doing:

  • master Sync doesnt seem to have an effect and it is not recognizeable anywhere which deck is master - nudging and tempo adjustments seem to have an influence, while rough stuff (there seems to be some kind of scratch detection) does not
  • when I turn off the sync it jumps to the original tempo of the turntable
  • edit:// the tempo is also jumping when switching between rel / internal mode

Is this by design? I’d like to have a change to sync but still work with the non-master track even though I really like the idea of building transitions without the need of shifting two faders.


Hello @anselm,

  1. MIDI Mapping: Unfortunately, djay Pro AI does not currently support modifiers in the MIDI mappings like in Traktor. The only available modifier is Shift. There is, however, a Duplicate function in the MIDI Learn tool that allows you to assign multiple MIDI commands to a single control.
  2. Sync: I recommend you read this article first to understand how sync works in djay Pro AI as it is different from how Traktor has implemented it: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011647580-How-does-the-Sync-function-work-
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Here is some additional information from my personal experience on how the Master Deck is determined. Also, note that unlike Traktor, djay Pro AI does not have any indicators of which Deck is the Master Deck. I’ll explain my experience with 3 common scenarios:

SCENARIO 1: No Decks Playing

  1. With Sync OFF and 2 new tracks loaded into Deck 1 and Deck 2.
  2. The Deck that you press the Sync button ON becomes the Slave and the other becomes the Master.
  3. For example, if you press Sync on Deck 1, Deck 2 becomes the Master Deck.

SCENARIO 2: Two Decks Playing

  1. This is basically the same a Scenario 1, but with the both Decks already playing.
  2. With Sync OFF and 2 new tracks loaded and Playing on Deck 1 and Deck 2.
  3. The Deck that you press the Sync button ON becomes the Slave and the other becomes the Master.

SCENARIO 3: One Deck Playing

  1. By default, the actively playing Deck is the Master. So the Deck that is Playing through the master output and the audience can hear (ie. Channel Fader and Cross Fader Open).
  2. Pressing Play and the Sync Button on either Deck 1 or Deck 2 will Sync it to the one that was Playing first. For example, Deck 1 is playing through the main speakers and Deck 2 is paused with a new track. If you press Sync on Deck 1 or on Deck 2, Deck 2 will Sync to Deck 1 because it’s already playing and is considered the Master Deck.
  3. I believe the first Deck remains the Master Deck until you stop playback and load another track onto that Deck.
  4. In this case, the other Deck that is now actively Playing with the Channel Fader Open and Cross Fader side Open becomes the new Master Deck.

Hey there again… step by step

  1. I’ve already read about the modifiers, I’ve seen the Shift-functionality as a possibility for a button. Thanks, though because I thought it wasn’t implemented, expected some kind of shift checkbox but its quite trivial that you’d just need to press shift+function you’d like to use :smiley: Maybe thats a Traktor habit…
  2. My Sync button looks like none of both images. It has either a blue or white font, no borders, no background.

In theory your three scenarios make sense, just some assurement for me please:

  • maybe I should explain that I play with an external mixer that has no feedback to the software. I don’t know if thats necessary but I wanted to mention it
  • If I press sync on a single deck should both decks light up sync or only the one I’ve selected? In my case both light up with an active sync. No matter if I press them by mouse or midi.

I actually have played with the different settings before (bpm+tempo, bpm, 1 beat, 4 beat) - it doesnt really seem to make a difference. If I stop the record during sync, it gets disabled and then the record runs in the original platter tempo again…

I really thought I was quite tech savvy, your explanation totally makes sense, but the behavior I experience does not feel like that :smiley:

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@anselm you’re welcome. Please confirm that you are using the latest Windows version of djay Pro and not the old Windows version of djay. I’m using Version 5.0.4024.0

  1. This is what the SYNC buttons look like when both tracks are paused and SYNC is enabled only on Deck 1
  2. This is what the SYNC buttons look like when both tracks are playing and SYNC is enabled on both. Please note that Tempo SYNC is not possible unless at least 2 Decks are playing.
  3. You may also want to turn ON Maintain on Song Load in the Sync Mode Settings. Also note the settings below this to Turn Off on Pause, Scratch, or Cue Jump - you likely want to turn this OFF.

I have an older version: 5.0.4014.0 - just checked the appstore, no updates available. Any chance to enforce the newer version? This is the first time I use the appstore so I am not used to it

In that my confusion makes sense, my buttons dont look like that and are disabled in pause mode.

Thanks a lot for your time and help :slight_smile:

@anselm, you can try turning on automatic app updates for the Microsoft Store: Turn on automatic app updates - Microsoft Support.

I’ve checked several times… might be Win11 is a frontier there…

@anselm just following up to see if you’re still having issues.

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Hi @anselm, I haven’t heard back from you on this so I’m going to assume you sorted it out. I’m going to consider this topic closed for now. Thanks.

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