unexpected error on the spotify part of matching a song on the mac version of djay

when i try to match a song that is playing, the match column says “error, try again” and does not show the songs that match the currently playing…but if i select add all to cue, it passes them on to the cue column fine.

problem here is that i cant choose just the one that i like and load it on the deck. i would have to transfer them all to cue, and then select the one i like. furthermore after choosing the song from the cue, i would have to erase all the cue and repeat the process for every song i want to find a match for

Hi there,

thank you for the reply. 
Yes djay Pro 1.3 for the Mac is fixing the Spotify Match / Automix Radio issue.

Hope you are enjoying the new features.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

fixed with upgrade to 1.3 on mac