Unexpected response from spotify error

Hi guys,

the iOS update is on its way.

Hold tight.

Lukas E.

Hey Jay,

we can understand that you are frustrated. This issue occurred due to changes of Spotify which we adapted and fixed with the upcoming update.

Please note that we always have to test an update and its fixes before updating, but be assured that the update is on its way.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

we are very happy to announce that 

  • djay 2 iPad/iPhone 2.8.2
  • djay Pro iPad 1.0.2

are now live!

The updates are fixing the “Unexpected response from Spotify error” so the Automix Radio and Spotify Match are working again.

Thank you for your patience. 

Lukas E.

Same here on iPhone 5 and iPad 4 when using match

Spotify purchased Echonest last year. Hmmmm interesting. Hopefully there updating it to make it even more useful

Afraid not. It’s a Spotify issue I believe. Far as I know Algoriddim are working with Spotify to get it sorted.

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When I am searching for a song in the library “EDM” with Spotify it says “unexpected response from Spotify” and I’m not able to see the library. Same thing with match song.




I have found this on the SPOTIFY website…

The match and I guess the Auto cue thing is driven by Echonest I bet I wouldn’t be too far from point saying this is the root cause to this issue…

(11 days ago)
With yesterday’s announcement of the ending of the Echo Nest API, we’ll have to rely on Spotify’s web API to provide the information. But Spotify’s web API is missing many of the features of the Echo Nest API.

I’m not sure exactly how to create this issue – the one feature in particular that I use is the call to get Artist “terms.” I haven’t looked at all the other Echo Nest API calls to see if they can be replicated by the Spotify API, but that “terms” one cannot be.

Are there plans to re-create these missing features in the Spotify web API?

To be fair I’ve been using this software for quite a while now without any issues. Just these last few days I’ve come across this problem, which is damn annoying!

That’s great news Lukas when is the same going to be available for the iPad?

Lol its amazing how quickly you get used to things. I had a gig this weekend and was totally lost without the match feature. It’s made me lazy lol

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I downloaded djay 2 on my iPad, and I can play music from Spotify, but I can’t use automix or the match feature because it says “unexpected response from Spotify.” How do I get these features to work?

I am having the same problem for the past two days can someone tell me please what’s going on! This is really pissing me off.!

Same here and I bought this for rMBP and my iPad Pro 9.7

so i paid for software that doesn’t work as advertised? Well Algoriddim can refund my purchase. And to think i had so much hope for this setup

Any plans to throw us users a bone here affected? Such as free effects package? :slight_smile:

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This weekend April 9th 2016, I DJ’d a wedding, after downloading the new update for Spotify, The Match feature stopped working with my iDJPRO. Anyone else having problems with this?

Patiently waiting for an update to fix this issue…Thanks for the continued updates on the progress Lukas E!

Thanks for keeping us updated on this issue. Any ballpark guess on how long this service will be out? Cutting it close with an upcoming gig and will have to use other software if the issue is not fixed in time…I am procrastinating because the prep work in switching to another program is going to be a nightmare…