Unhappy with the new version

Why is it that the old version has where u can create you own samplers, but the nue version you cannot u create u own samplers I think that there are a lot of DJs that do not use the samplers, that the new version program has, and would u consider this problem mecause in the future it could be a big help for a lot DJs, and thanks for reading my massage and this is the best software in the world. Please, Please, Please, fix my commentary…I play Rock N’ roll music Dj Crue…

Hi Chacko,

Thank you for your feedback. This feature is on its way and will be supported shortly.

Stay tuned and thank you for your early adaptation of djay.

Lukas E.

Mr. Lukas E. Thank you for attending my message I am very happy I will be in contact, without a doubt it will be the best program of all and thank you very much, have a good day