Universal Search???

Search - It appears that djay pro is ONLY searching in the playlist that is active. This is a MAJOR problem.

At the very least, there should be universal search, that searches the entire database without having to select the Music folder.

May have to put this software down for a while… No questions or concerns are being addressed.


I posted my problem as something algoriddim should respond to, as the developers of the software.

At any point, you can stop commenting on every one of my posts. My posts are intended to address issues that I find with the software. They are 100% intended to the developers.

The negative posts do not help at all, and frankly I wish you would not respond to ANY of my posts.

Thank you,


Again, please do not reply to my posts.

Thank you.

yeah in serato its called ALL at the very top of the list… you would think to jump on the pro market they would have used a few pro grade applications to steal ideas and common things from. whew algoriddim yall got a long way to go to be PRO… makes you question who beta tested this program… no me and I’ve done my share, unless you call this DJAY PRO: The Paid Beta Edition. Pro software should know the difference in a kick and a snare, just saying… also is there a method to their wav form colors? or is it just for show? might as well use the record view because a beat grid is pointless without an adjustment function. Algoriddim when you want some help with your software hit me up warren has goto my number. I’ll be happy to assist with making it the best DJ software overall if you want. it will be worth every penny someone puts out to buy it and every penny you put into it. toppling the DJ software market really wouldn’t be that hard if done proper. people would love another source than traktor or serato honestly, but this isn’t it. I am not talking in any negative way either, its called constructive criticism. Anyway i got other things to do today than comment on dj software. 

Umm yeah they should reply to your post I’m just making sure I hit my post quote of the day. Oh and I so wished the same from you a few days ago Scott but no you continued with your comments while I wasn’t even posting, but now “Scott wants me not to reply to his post” Funny right? Anyway ive said nothing negative towards you or directly to you. I’m just posting a comment… I Clearly stated that serato has the all option when searching and maybe those developers might want to put something similar like it. Maybe they should use other software and take from their simple things like a Search All option and maybe a more intelligent beat sync would be even nice. Obviously using features like others have isn’t a horrible thing, right? Because all of the dj apps I’ve used use the same basic designs correct me if I’m wrong. So I’m actually trying to be postive about djay pro and willing to assist with any suggestion. If I could design my own DJ application myself it would be pretty on point and simplistic in layout and intelligent in design. Today we don’t need the unused features but the key ones that keep things that we are doing more fluid and assist with performance not affect it. So far I’ve found many buggy and glitchy things about pro. Like I’ve said Algoriddim hit me up. Totally dig the iOS djay 2 app and wish djay pro was more like it from the inside not just the outside. I got faith in this little company that is trying harder just wish it was in other areas.

I’m sure, you’ve already seen it: We paid attention to your request and implemented the option to assign the search box to an individual playlist.