Unknown MIDI device detected pop-up

I’m a keyboard player in a live band. I use Djay to play music between our live sets and to drop samples during some songs. I do not use a MIDI controller for DJay; however, I do use an iOS MIDI app for my synth. Every time I open DJay, I have to hit Cancel 16 or so times to this annoying pop-up “Unknown MIDI Device detected”.

There should be an option to turn MIDI off altogether for DJay in the MIDI Settings for Djay so that it stops trying to connect via MIDI.

Otherwise, this is an awesome app! Great job so far and with all the new amazing features!

Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear that. This should normally only pop up once. Do you by any chance unplug and reconnect the keyboard in between?

Interesting… OK, thanks I’ll pass this on.

Our developers are looking into this. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for the speedy reply Warren. I do not unplug and reconnect the keyboard; however, the MIDI interface supplies multiple ports. Perhaps this is why DJay responds multiple times with the pop-up… Additionally, it does not pop-up when I dis- and reconnect the keyboard, it seems it only does so when I relaunch DJay. Thanks again, I hope this a quick fix for you guys. Next to MIDI Designer, I use DJay more than any other app in my iPad.

Hi Warren,

Just a follow up. I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about the issue we spoke of?

Is a MIDI control on/off switch possible for a DJay on iPad update in the future? I love this app so very much, but every time I use it on a gig, I dread start-up because of this annoying issue. I use an iConnectMIDI4+, and I have to hit cancel over 30 times to get beyond pop-up! I have a short video that I can email you…

Thank you,