Unknown MIDI device detected

Why am I getting a “Unknown MIDI device detected” message on the Alesis iO Dock… it’s now telling me The Midi device dock is not supported’ now?. Are you going to fix this in Djay2 I’m very happy with my Alesis iO Dock and down want to change my hardware, because of the error, please fix!

Vestax VCI-100mkII connecting to either ipad or iPhone and not recognized???

Thanks for letting us know about this. You can safely ignore this message, but I’ll forward this internally.

As said, this error can be safely ignored.

The message is shown because the Alesis iO Dock is recognized by djay as an unsupported “MIDI Controller”. However, the audio interface built into the Alesis iO Dock should still work fine with djay.

Do you have a power supply connected to the Lightning or USB-C adapter? Please also try plugging in the adapter and power supply before connecting the controller.

Thank you

Same here…but the right table doesn’t rotate,scrub or loop…

I bought the new DJAy 2 app. Brilliant work. But also here, I figured it doesn’t work with the Alesis IO Dock :frowning:
I truly hope that you could include the support in your next update.

main out works in stereo perfectly, headphones works perfectly and separately to do mixes as usual by a dj job in Djay and Vjay, but i has not tried to control thru the MIDI input 5pin Din or USB MIDI ports, in order to control since a MIDI comands controller sender as my keyboard controller cause I am a musician and use playbacks effects to perform in my live shows not exactly as a dj do but as a keyboard player that use playbacks. Does anybody knows if MIDI control via IO Dock its possible to run Vjay-Djay (IO Dock + Ipad 2 + IOS 8.4?

Hi guys,

djay Pro 1.0.3 is live and comes with a fix for this issue.

If you still are experiencing problems please contact us right away.

Lukas E.