Unlimited silence before the start of tracks

Just like Traktor, say I want to skip back 32 beats and I’m 8 beats in I should be able to do this. Very frustrating for the button to just not work.


Hi @miishmash,

May I ask what the particular use case is for this action/feature your are asking about?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

It allows you to line up tracks. Say you’re mixing the intro of track B into track A. You start track B 32 counts or whatever before the song starts, freeing up your effort to be put into something else - a 3rd track maybe or a complicated transition.

Also just annoying when a button press doesn’t do an action. Say you’re 16 counts into a song and you want to go back 32 for whatever reasons. It just doesn’t work and I’d argue going back 32 with 16 counts of silence is a better user experience over lack of action.

Hi @miishmash,

Ahhhh, I see. Thank you for the clarification!

I will go ahead and pass this suggestion along to our dev team for further review and update this thread accordingly when I hear any new updates.

Have a wonderful day!