Unstable (?) MIDI connection leads to crash

Djay Pro 1.0.27714.0 running on 64bit system Windows11 Pro Version 21H2 with reloop JockeyIII Remix connected.
Every few seconds there is a pop up saying djay Pro detected a new device.
It “re”-detects the already connected and working reloop deck, so it seems the midi connection is unstable.

Every time the pop-up appears there is a chance for djay pro to crash, sometimes directly after the first pop-up, sometimes after the 3rd or 4th.

Tried reinstall and different USB cables as well as ports.
I also tested other DJ software with the same setup - every software works just fine except for djay pro.

Hi @E11e95,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. Sorry to hear about the trouble!

As it would be really helpful to understand your individual setup in more detail, could you please submit a request ticket here so our Support Team can gather additional information and provide 1:1 support for you? Please reference this Community Topic thread in your request. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Emily,

do you have any news regarding this topic?
I opened a support ticket the same day as requested from your side but sadly didn’t receive any feedback so far.

At the moment I’m basically not able to use Djay at all.

Hi @E11e95,

Thanks for checking in about your support ticket. Our sincere apologies for the delay! You should be getting a response shortly, so please go ahead and continue the conversation via email. Thanks for your patience! :pray:

Hi AlgoriddimTeam,

sadly until now (it’s been 3 months now) you could not resolve my issue.

After stating i could join a beta programm within which the error should be fixed i didn’t receive any further information on how to actually install this beta (see request 173198).
If this error is not going to be fixed for windows please just say so.
It seems this app is discontinued at least for us windows users.