unwanted cue sound in main speakers

I recently bought a mixtour reloop for iPad and I have trouble with the headphone cue being heard faintly through the main speakers when that channel is not active. Can this be fixed?

Cue mix?

Hi Rodney Wilson,

thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear that. Can you send us a picture of your setup?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for sharing, that sounds like the Cue is being routed through the main, which i can’t reproduce at the office.
As long as you only connect the iPad via the lightning cable to the mixer everything should be fine.

The picture of your setup looks like it, so it would be great if you can record an exemplary video of this issue, sorry to bother you again.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for sharing, Rodney.

We will contact you right away.

Lukas E.

See attached. Hope this helps. Muffled sound coming through from cue- especially during breaks in beat, the louder the headphone volume the louder it comes through

if the cue mix is turned round to the right then it doesn’t come through- but then you can’t hear next tune in headphones obviously.

Lukas E I have sent a video through my wife’s facebook for your attention (Lisa Wilson). Thanks for looking into this for me

Is someone looking at this for me? Or can someone acknowledge that they see that there is a problem? I have tried different speakers and different phono leads so i know that they aren’t the problem. Thanks- Rodney