Update Djay 1

DJay 2 has serious BPM issues. I don’t understand why or how, but it is a constant stress to work with compared to DJay 1. And yet it is hard for me to break from it, because it is soo nice to have dark library, album artwork next to each song, and a handy dandy queue list. Also the key lock actually staying is nice.

But it is becoming unbearable. Coupled with the fact my iDJ pro CUE button isn’t working properly, I’m really getting sick of DJay and algoriddim, a company I used to support and envision making the greatest iOS DJing app out there.

Please, update DJay 1 with some of the features of DJay 2. I don’t care if I have to pay for it, I’m sick of not being in my element behind the decks. If you will not, it was a good run Algoriddim, and forever shall I shame you.

That’s why I’m still playing with first version of djay app.