📣 UPDATE: djay Pro AI 4.1.3 Changelog

Hi all,

Happy to share the news that we have released one more update (4.1.3) for djay Pro AI on both iOS and macOS!

The update is now available on the App Store and Mac App Store, featuring the following:

  • Added support for Reloop Mixon 8 Pro
  • Added MIDI actions to assign FX to Neural Mix channels
  • Fixed tracks from Beatport and Beatsource not loading correctly for some users
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

We hope you’ll find these features and fixes useful, and thank you again for your valued feedback and support! :raised_hands:


Nice! Mixon 8 Pro support and MIDI actions for Neural Mix FX.


These are the new MIDI mappable functions which allow you to map a button to apply FX 1, FX 2 and FX 3 either to the full Deck, Drums, Harmonic or Vocals. Super happy to see this feature added.

Now if only we can get the option to MIDI assign specific Instant FX to the pads!


This is great. I have remapped my Reloop Ready so:

  1. Shift + FX1 On = FX1, FX2 and FX3 Assignment to Drums
  2. Shift + FX2 On = FX1, FX2 and FX3 Assignment to Harmonic
  3. Shift + FX3 On = FX1, FX2 and FX3 Assignment to Acapella
  4. Shift + Loop Encoder Press = FX1, FX2 and FX3 Assignment to Deck

This is basically the same implementation that’s coming on the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro.

Now I can change these quickly on the fly without having to touch the screen.

djay even provides a nice UI feedback showing when you have assigned the FX to Drums, Harmonic and Acapella.


Thanks SJ, I’ll have to look into that when I get a chance!

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Did the ddj rev one master cue bug get squashed? Cheers…update is not showing in the UK app store btw…

Edit just update to latest version, no dice on the master cue bug, maybe next time🙏

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im having issues with this update… The app cant start… I am using iphone x promax… Its Xmass oooh my God​:weary::weary::weary:!!!

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Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the latest update! Please file a bug report either on the Community (in the Bug Reports category) or via email at support@algoriddim.com so we can get more details on what might be happening here in order to take a closer look for you. Thanks in advance!

Hey @Symian, Our Dev Team is working on a fix for this! Thanks again for reporting it and we’ll notify you once it’s fixed on the Bug Report thread you started and via email. Thanks again for your patience. :pray:

Is it possible that something was changed in the configuration of the DDJ-400 with the update? As described here, I have after a few weeks again connected the above controller and noticed that not everything works as before. And a few hours before I did an update to the latest version of Djay Pro AI.

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for linking your other thread about this specific DDJ-400 issue. Please continue the conversation with our Support Team over on that thread and we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of this! :pray:

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