update for windows

for when the update of djay pro 2 for windows ???

Hi guys,

we can not say anything about djay Pro 2 for Windows, I am sorry for that.

Regarding the issues you are facing with djay Pro 1 for Windows, please tell us them and your setup via support@algoriddim.com.

If they could first make the fixes on the first version, that could be already be a start because be sure you will have to pay once again…

Please add keyboard command edits for Windows version.
This is basic on every other software out there.

we should actually boycott djay pro if it gets a follower before an update

and again a new update just for mac while we windows users continue be left out in the cold

February 2, 2018

New Update for Mac only :frowning:

awesome! thanks a lot algoriddim

haha https://www.reddit.com/r/DJs/comments… thanks ^^

Is there any news on this? I’m using the Djay app for IOS on my iphone and Djay pro for windows… it would be nice if the update with all the features would come to windows too because the new version is way better.

Dude this needs to be in r/djs
This is an insane photo lol.

I’m gonna post it, but message me on reddit and I’ll give you cred.
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Hey bro, still no DjayPro 2 update huh? This is just insane. Have you found any other software that has spotify integration? I’ve been looking around and haven’t found anything :confused:

BTW, love the username. Do you follow Deadmau5 on Twitch? There’s definitely someone with that username in the Twitch/Discord chatrooms a lot, was wondering if that’s you or someone else haha.

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