Update Sonoma :-(

Hello friends!
I have updated my Macbook to Sonoma. Unfortunately!
Since then DJPPRO-AI is no longer usable - it delays everything (transitions; controllers etc…).
I’m currently trying to reset my Macbook to Ventura.
Otherwise everything runs fine on the Mac - only DJ Pro seems to have problems with the new version.
It can’t be the performance of my MAC (Apple M1; 16GB; SSD).

Or do any of you have an idea where the problem is?


FWIW: I’ve tested it a bit on my Intel Mac, but so far no probs.

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Hi Mister_Tuur,
thanks for the feedback.
I have reset the OS back to Ventura and now everything works again. I will leave it like this now. Ds Macbook I actually only use for DJPRO - so it does not matter which OS is on it.
Thanks and greetings from Cologne!

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My Intel iMac isn’t on the Compatibility list, yet it appears available in the AppStore.
as it’s my main djay machina, I’m reluctant to upgrade, because I know Apple can force hardware upgrades that way.
I’m interested in hearing from people who took the plunge and have had it work out so far.

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