[UPDATE] the djay Conversion Utility becomes the DJ Conversion Utility with new User Interface

A little background:

We developed the djay Conversion Utility because we wanted to use cues set in Traktor Pro in djay about 6 months ago. The idea was just for in house usage, we never intended to go public with it. But when we spoke about it with other DJ’s it became clear that more people needed this functionality. As such we released what we used in house under the name djay Conversion Utility. Just because we could, we introduced conversion from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox as well as other options while the utility evolved.

And then… things went a little nuts. It turned out that hundreds of people needed the Traktor Pro to Rekordbox conversion. We never realized that. So we expanded options, de-bugged the utility you know the drill.

The early adopters might recall december 31st 2016 when we released no less then 4 updates within 12 hours. Just to make sure that everyone could prep their gigs for NewYears eve.

But coding, debugging and supporting our users drew our attention from something else. The name didn’t cover the functionality of the utility anymore and the user interface was definably due for a less geeky overhaul.

This all became painfully clear when DigitalDJTips.com did an article mentioning our utilities http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2017/04/…
In the first draft of the article they had the conversion options all wrong luckily they were flexible enough to change them and well you can’t argue with taste but this time they were spot on with their “not pretty” remark. This experience opened our eyes, time to get the appearance of the utility in line with its usability.

So I’m proud to inform you that from this day foward the djay Conversion Utility will be named DJ Conversion Utility. A new name (ok missing 2 letters form the old), with a new face, but the same functionality under the hood. This update is free for our existing customers!

Offcourse we won’t abandon conversion to Algoriddim djay in DJCU. We are looking forward to help Algoriddim support fixing the issues with the beatgrid behavior and are waiting patiently for saved loops support in the djay product line.

You can buy DJCU at https://sellfy.com/p/emUY