Updating subscription from monthly to annual

Is there a way to update my subscription from paying $6.99 a month to $49.99 a year?

Edit* My friend just downloaded the app on his iPad for $29.99 annually. Is there a sale going on and why aren’t current users able to take advantage of it?

Someone on the Facebook group showed me how to switch plans. I wasn’t offered the $29.99 like my friend but at least I’m saving some money by switching to the annual plan.

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Hi @LogisticalStyles, sorry for the late reply. Glad to hear you were able to figure out the switch from monthly to annual subscription.

Regarding the $29.99 annual subscription, it is only available in some randomly selected regions of the world. The differences between the $29.99 and $49.99 subscriptions are as follows:

  1. $29.99 Subscription
    a. Discounted price for the first year only, then goes back to $49.99.
    b. Only available in randomly selected regions of the world.
    c. Comes without a free seven day trial so you cannot cancel during the trial period.

  2. $49.99 Subscription
    a. Normal price.
    b. Available everywhere.
    c. Comes with free seven day trial.

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