Upgrade From Djay Pro -> Djay (iPad). DDJ SX Not Working

Hey guys, absolutely love your app but I’m having trouble getting my controller to work.

-Djay Pro App iOS (legacy)
-Djay App iOS (fresh Installed with “free upgrade”)
-Djay Mac Edition (just downloaded)
-Macbook Pro 2015
-iPad 12.9 inch (1st gen)
-Pioneer DDJ SX
-Apple USB Camera Adapter to Lightning 3

I just want to be able to use my DDJ SX with EITHER the ipad app or the macbook. I did the free upgrade on my Ipad from Djay Pro to DJay. When I install the macbook version, it will recognize the controller but doesn’t seem to work. Can the macbook version also get a free upgrade? I’m not sure that I ever had djay on my macbook but have had it on my linked iCloud account with Djay Pro on ipad.

Because Macbook doesnt work easily I got the iPad USB adapter. When I plug that in it says “pioneer ddj sx cant be used because it draws too much power.” or something similar. This occurs even if I have my phone charger also plugged in.

Can someone please help? Thanks!

Not sure if this helps and my issue wasn’t with the DDJSX, however when I first connected my iPad 6Gen with Djay Pro to the Rane One controller, my 12 Watt iPad charger wouldn’t charge my iPad…
I bought a USB-C charger and used a USB-C to lightning cable and now it charges my iPad whilst using it…
Maybe worth a try as well…

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That makes no sense?

“my 12 Watt iPad charger would charge my iPad”

“I bought a USB-C charger and used a USB-C to lightning cable and now it charges my iPad”

Did you mean the 12w iPad charger wasn’t powerful enough to charge the iPad and run the controller?

Well the Rane One Controller isn’t powered via the charger…
It’s mains powered…
But using the Apple USB Camera adapter to USB 3, my iPad wouldn’t charge whilst I was using it with Djay Pro, it would charge if I wasn’t using it though…

When I upgraded to the fast charger, it would charge the iPad whilst I was using it…
Tried two other 12 watt chargers and the same thing with that…

Lol, your post said the 12w charger would charge the iPad, not “would not”.

I used a similar setup to you, 12w charger to iPad Air / Apple USB Camera adapter to USB 3 / to Denon MC6000 or MC6000 Mk.2 (powered) mixers, works fine. The issue I had was that when testing sometimes it wouldn’t power my spare Denon MC2000 (which runs off usb power and no input for a separate psu). Was weird, sometimes it would work, others not. That controller always tested fine hooked up to a pc. I can only conclude that those 12w PSUs can be flaky with the current they provide.

How many watts is the usb-c charger?

HaHa, Sorry Tony, my fat fingers caused a typo…
Yes It wouldn’t charge, it would help maintain the current battery life but it would drop approximately 4% per hour…
The USB-C charger is 30W…
It also has a spare regular USB port that allows me to charge my phone whilst playing…

Hi @trikyricky,

Thanks for joining our user Community.

Please note that this controller (on iOS and on Mac) requires you to be subscribed to djay PRO AI. You can find out more here:

Also, note that djay Pro AI for Mac and iOS is now a universal app which means that with one PRO subscription, you gain access to all PRO features across your Mac and iOS devices. Please note you’ll need to use the same Apple ID on your Mac and iOS devices to access the same PRO subscription in djay.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cheers, G

Thanks, sounds useful

Thanks for clearing that up…

Just want to say that this worked! Bought a 30W USB-C to lightning and it didn’t give me the error.

Thought I would be able to use my ddj-sx with the “free upgrade” from my prior paid version of DJ app. It seems to want a subscription, but wasnt that listed as one of the free upgrade features for being a previous paid customer?

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That list doesn’t include MIDI mappings for previously unsupported controllers on iOS, like the DDJ-SX. You can read all of the information regarding the legacy unlock offer here:

Hope I could help.

Cheers, G

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