Upgrage DJPro AI and problem with tidal login

Today I bought upgrade to DJ Pro AI version. After this I have problem with login into Tidal (on my Mac and iPad). This issue start after payment for AI subscriptions. Additional on last party DJ Pro app turned off two times. What is going on? I need access to tidal immediately.
Regards Adam

Information what I see: login or passwd are incorrect, but both are correct

do you have a Tidal premium or hifi subscription?

Hi @djadikay,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve experienced with your TIDAL login in djay.

So we can take a closer look, could you please tell us the following:

  1. Have you ever been able to login to your TIDAL account in djay? Is this a problem that just started occurring?
  2. If you’re getting an error message that your login or password are incorrect, could you please make sure those login details work in the TIDAL app itself currently? Then, could you please double-check that you have an active TIDAL subscription?

You also said djay Pro AI turned off two times while at the last party. Could you please provide some more details around this? What device were you using, what OS version is on that device, and were you using the latest version of djay? What actions were you performing when this happened? Did djay freeze, so that you had to force-close it, or did the app shut down completely on its own?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.