UPNP/DNLA support

Like myself, i think a lot of people have songs on there local NAS System (Synology, QNAP,…) and are using UPNP/DNLA for audio and video steaming.

The integration of local or remote UPNP/DNLA souces for streaming/importing of music and videos would be great.

PLEASE add a way to access more than 128GB of music
maybe add SMB so user can use any standard NAS or something

I have a seagate wireless wfi hard drive, that would work too

there has to be some way to have DJAY access more music

I want to dump the PC, and go all iPad with DJAY

I just ordered the Reloop Beatpad, that is the most professional controller available to date. If you can lift the space limitations, that would be the best setup ever

There are many apps in the iOS Store that support SMB. meaning they can access files of of a Network Attached Storage (NAS). WHy not add this to DJAY 2 and then there is NO MORE LIMITATION on library size??

Adding a bump for this feature, would be wonderful if I wasn’t limited to the internal storage capacity of my iPad.

Is there any news on UPNP/DNLA support??

YESSSSSS Please add this and I’ll be a happy person!


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Upnp or NAS access directly from your decks.

I am currently using a upnp/NAS device to play my music and videos from my iPhone and ipad since all my files total 100 GB and I would like to play them anytime without having to be online. The shared network to me seems extremely reliable and is accessible to 3 devices simultaneously. It even plays faster than my Dropbox while connected through wifi.

Is there anyway where Djay and Vjay can have this support in the near future? Since this seems to be the direction we are heading towards and you can then be ahead of the pack!