Urgently needed: disable keyboard shortcuts in setup

I have a gig last night and I learned the hard way some “features” DJay PRO has that must be included in the setup.

I dont use the keyboard for playing at all. Having a Numark DJ2GO I mix and load tracks using keys on the controller, problem is that when you search for a song if you lost focus from the textbox (and THIS HAPPENED to me last night one time) all the keys you enter are interpreted as keyboard shortcuts…

This results in the actually played song doing wierd stuff depending on the keys pressed (I suspect I’ve put the cursos on the begin/middle or end of the track)

This is NOT PRO at all :slight_smile: Please add something in the setup that let us explicitly say that we want the keyboard shortcuts off.

This was kind of an embarrassing moment but I think the rest of the well mixed tracks fairly compensates for that :slight_smile:

There are other features that DJay PRO lacks but this will be adressed in future messages (not being able to SEARCH in all folders within your mp3 files is a huge disadvantage and also if you have +3000 on a folder there is a constant refresh that it doesnt let you find anything)