USB- audio routing on iPadOS

With my DDJ-200 I’m able to route the audio to an external usb-Interface. That works smoothly. But connecting a controller with built-in audio interface (I own the Pioneer SB3 as well) lacks the ability of routing to usb-c. But the sound quality of low budget controllers is a lot worse than on usb. To have a sound quality comparable to an usb interface, I would have to buy a top class mixer like the rane 70. To make a long story short: I would love to have the option to route the output to internal USB even if a regular controller is connected.

Hi @tafkap,

Since djay for iOS 3.6.4 you can adjust the audio routing manually. If you use an adapter with more than one USB output, you could connect your DDJ-SB3 as well as an external USB Interface to your iPad. You can do this on the Audio Device Setup section in the djay settings.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

damn, you‘re right. it works. GREAT! thanks for your reply, now I‘m pretty happy!

A short addition to the fact that audio routing actually works even with a controller with built-in soundcard: it depends on the order of plugging in. The last connected device always seems to define the routing. So if you want to route via a usb-hub, you have to plug in the controller first and then the hub.

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Thanks for sharing that. I’m sure somebody in the community will find your last comment very helpful.

Have fun mixing! :headphones:

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