USB device protocol

I’m wondering how the dj hardware works, it’s just an USB audio device class and a midi class or they implement a specific protocol to communicate with the software. For example, with reloop buddy when you press mode and tap twice on cue the screen changes, but I didn’t see a midi function like that on djay pro, so how they can do it, and how we could link a similar function on an other device?


I looked at various midi mappings in a xml editor. there seem to be “secret” midi commands that cannot be used in the app’s editor.
It has to do with the modifier commands. I still don’t fully understand it. i’m a dj and not a hacker!
But I’m on the right way… :wink:

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Hi @Wing12,

Thanks for posting to the community!

Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to speak on some of the inner workings between djay and our branded gear with partners such as Reloop and Hercules.

I’ll be sure to update this thread in the future if that ever changes. Have a nice day!

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