USB Sound Breaking up and Stopping iPhone 11 Pro IOS 16.1

Running latest DJAY AI pro v4.0.12 on IOS 16.1 iPhone 11 Pro 512gb with a USB to lighting connector.

App load’s and plays fine through internal iPhone speaker.

Adding the lighting connector and a USB soundcard, or my Pioneer DDJ SX2 (supported) leads to intermittent audio break up, and sporadic stopping of playback. Usual happens within first 10mins or …can take up to 20-30mins to break up. It sort of unmounts the usb …kinda of disconnects but it’s not a socket or connection issue. Nothing is touched or moved. Tried external power and a Hub as well but just the same.

Its random , and we have tried several things like another iPhone 6, a 6s and a X model - all of which do not have an issue. So its not hardware as such. Its limited to the iPhone 11 Pro ( we can gather) .

improved the situation a little by using airplane mode, and also stopping other apps accessing the Celular data.

Problem seems random and limited to only this iPhone 11 Pro inn our household. (which is mine) doh. Tested this 11 with charging - all fine, computer coms - again all fine. In the car - again all fine.

Anyone have any ideas or tips ? experience with this issue.?

Ive just ordered a genuine adaptor from apple to see if its that but …Im not sure it is as this adaptor seems to work great on the other phones.

Would be a great help thanks guys.

No other tip than waiting for this…

Thanks will try today with original adaptor from apple and report back:-)

OK It arrived but we did not open the adaptor and try it, because we have taken a different route and have another MacBook as our backup machine now. So sent adaptor back. So we will never know which in some ways pains me but …didn’t want to risk not getting my return. I think we will be better off with a computer running the software for extra security.