usb stick to djay pro

Is there a easier way to get djay pro to read my songs without importing every album folder? it works fine on rekordbox and Denon prime engine but djay pro ai makes it hard to read all your music without doing it one by one.

Hi @TotallyLegit,

Thanks for the question!

Are you currently running djay on macOS, iOS or Windows?

Additionally, what version number of djay are you using?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

iOS djay pro ai newest update on iPad Pro. I have a usb stick I use on cdjs and denon primes but djay pro ai won’t read the songs unless I import them one by one.

Hi @TotallyLegit,

Thanks for your patience on this topic!

Have you tried using the multi-select function via the Files pop-up to link your desired tracks instead of selecting each track individually and then opening it up in djay? I’ll attach a screenshot below for reference.

Additionally, another workaround would be to use the “Link a Folder” function to add only specific tracks that you’ve already packaged in bulk via the Files app. I’ll attach another screenshot below.

In the meantime I will be sharing this library feedback with our dev team for further consideration as well.

Thank you again for your patience and have a nice week!