---> Use 1 terabyte of music with Djay 2

—> Use 1 terabyte of music with Djay 2

Yes, it has been done before, but this is much easier. Once your drive is SMB, there are many programs in app store that can access the data.

Please watch the video


This is a work-around. We REALLY need to press Algoriddim to just add native support for the Seagate wireless drives. PLEASE EVERYONE send them an email requesting they add support. If enough people ask, they might listen!


Why does DJay for iPad not support Network Attached Storage devices? NAS? we are limited to the size of the iPad

I have

128GB iPad
Reloop Beatpad
Seagate wireless hard drive

Typical example:

Most of my files are encoded at 320Kbps and hence take up more space.

My iPad 128GB has something 116 to 117 GB actual space free.

I would be happy if it had 300GB-500GB.

I work at a club that has to play diverse genres throughout the night…

70’s early on
80’s early on
Alternative occasionally

So, I MUST have everything with me. This is why I CANNOT use the DJAY2 for full time use – Not enough space


Yes, lower bit rates consume less space. A 320Kbps file takes up more than double the space of a 128Kbps

Bit Rate File size per minute
128 Kbps 960 KB
160 Kbps 1.20 MB
192 Kbps 1.44 MB
224 Kbps 1.68 MB
256 Kbps 1.92 MB
320 Kbps 2.40 MB

Kbps = bits per second / 8 = Bytes per second x 60 seconds = Bytes per minute x 60 minutes = Bytes per hour

I was not referring to your files

I am doing DJing for decades now and my Music Library did not extend 300GB until now. And for a gig I prepare a set list with say twice or three times the time my set is booked.

So where’s the point in 1TB or so? If you are doing it this way, you are doing it wrong.

So your 320kBps-Files take up more space than mine? Funny guy. Well, I think, I should do your job. None of these genres are missing in my collection.

And again. Prepare your sets. Then you’re on the way with - let’s say 25 hours of music for a night. That should easily fit even on a 16GB iPad.

And my Files naturally have lower Bitrates because you are the Man?

Read my post again and try to understand, what I say!