Use audio interface and HDMI with iPad simultaneously?

I just purchased a Reloop Mixtour just to have a fun little portable DJ setup with my iPad Pro.

It’s working great, I can even use a battery pack to power my Mixtour, and with it hooked up to a pair of Minirig speakers I have a very portable and wireless DJ setup.

I’d like to be able to use the video features of DJay. I found that the HDMI Adapter Apple sells allows me to do this, but the Lightning connector on the adapter doesn’t support a MIDI controller (or audio interface). The Algoriddm site confirms this.

I therefore can’t output video from the iPad if using the Mixtour.

I also see the DJay Pro supports video out via AirPlay, but if I do that audio is routed to AirPlay as well.

Is there any other way to do this?

Or do I need to move to using my MacBook with the OS X version?

I suppose an alternative is to use a second iPad for visuals, but it’d be cool to do it all in one package!

Hi Ryan Ruel,

thank you for contacting us. As you already mentioned if you connect your iPad to your AppleTV it is not possible to separate the audio and video output due to the hardware of the iPad.

We are aware of the user demand of their and will let you know if there is way.

Lukas E.