Use djay without iTunes.


Is it possible to use djay on mac without iTunes and just search for the folders on the mac ? I have a external Hard Drive with all my music and I really don’t want to spend 10 hours putting everything into playlists on iTunes for djay.


Hello Matt,

I can confirm that you can. You can use drag and drop to load songs from your external harddrive, although the iTunes integration is worth it; searching becomes a lot quicker and the experience is way more streamlined overall.

I advise you to download the demo version through the Algoriddim website so that you can try out the functionality without committing your hard earned cash upfront.

Have fun mixing!

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Hey guys,
have you already seen the “My Mac” library within djay Pro? It allows you to add folders from your Finder directly into your djay Pro library. Check it out:

Yeah, it would be cool to have a DJay playlist file that is independent of iTunes. I love using DJay, but sometimes want to DJ off of a thumbdrive.

After selecting a folder, you can search in this folder via the normal search bar.

Lukas E.

Hi Markus Wabnigg,

it is possible to search in sub folder systems. Could you contact us via


Lukas E.

but the search function doesn’t work if i add it external drive!?

Yes, but not in sub folders!?

What about the sub-folders? If i have sub folders in one folder, it’s not possible to search also in this folders,…