Use on iPad - view, orientation

When you use Djay Pro on iPad, what is your preferred view and orientation?
I myself mostly use the iPad in landscape mode and Djay Pro in Classic Mode, because I like the waveforms to be displayed side by side. You can do that in Pro Mode too, but then the space in height is much smaller. Other than that, I don’t see any advantages to using Pro Mode - but maybe I didn’t see something.
In portrait mode, on the other hand, I find the view in Pro Mode much better, though I’m generally not a fan of using the iPad in portrait mode, even for other things, because I don’t think it corresponds to normal human viewing habits.
I’d just like to get some opinions, so: how do you do it and why?
I look forward to your answers! :slight_smile:

I use it in vertical mode as l like the waveforms side by side as well…
A strange thing has happened since the latest updates, whilst in Vertical mode, if l use the search function whilst I’m playing a track, the searched track wants to load on the track that is currently playing no matter which Load button l use…

Strangely this doesn’t happen if l have the iPad in Horizontal mode…

This is whilst I’m using the Rane One…


That sounds like you’ve found a bug. Not sure if it’s an algoriddim issue or a Rane issue, though, so…

Vertical mode = portrait? (Mona Lisa?)
Horizontal mode = Landscape? (The Last Supper?)

Does anybody else think bug reporting (when verified) should be rewarded by algoriddim with subscription rewards??? Fair is fair: their devs get paid, so users who find their “oops” stuff should get paid too.


Yes whilst in Portrait mode the bug is present,
And I do agree with you regarding the bug reporting and having subscription points awarded…


I used to run the classic view in landscape, but made the switch to portrait pro view about 6 months ago. Like @maurizio_T said, the wave form view side by side is great, particularly for scratching. That and it just seems that I can see much more of the information and features that I want to see. Vertical music libraries make more sense to me too as much more can be seen at once.

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Same issue here…
I use Rane 70 mixer.

Make Dj pro AI look like on MacBook 13 inch so don’t have to keep switching screens from cue points to saved loops and effects …


Just a few days after my little “survey” here, Justin Spiegel posted this video online which might fit the topic quite well: Djay Pro Ai Landscape Vs Portrait - YouTube

Agree 100%. The cue point “buttons” are huge on 12.9 iPad Pros. Wasted screen space so cues and loop’s should fit better than on 13” MacBooks

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