Use spotify through the djay app,

Having lost my iTunes a fair few times, from my laptop crashing I can no longer be bothered to rip my CDs back on to iTunes and have now turned to using spotify premium Which I find a lot easy to use then iTunes it’s self.

However haveing a big interest to this app, I don’t believe it let’s you run spotify through this app and I though it would be a great addition to add this feature to it.

just had the same idea! this would be amazing!!!

i think this would be made possible easiest by having a premium spotify account where you have an offline mode where the files are actually downloaded and stored locally, but im sure it would also be possible with a streaming library, whether its a library choice in djay app or algoriddim develop a spotify app for use within spotify itself!? either way make it so algoriddim!!!

It would be SO good if it were possible to select iTunes library & Spotify (streaming) libraries & mix between the two - is there any plan for this to happen ?

Yes pleeeeeeaaassse integrate Spotify. If you make it accessible only for premium users Spotify could have an interest in a collaboration. Since I have Spotify I basically don’t use iTunes at all anymore. Hence I don’t use your djay app also, although i like it a lot. If Spotify will put a dj app on the market by themselves I will switch to that. But since you created a fine app it only need the integration…

yessssssssssssssssssss great idea!!!

Agree this would be incredible. Just googled it to find out if it was possible and found this thread…

spotify would be excellent!

of course we would need a premium account on spotify to avoid any adverts.

Do it now!! PLEASEEEE :slight_smile: