use with iRig MIX

you can change the software to split the outputs R and L each with a Deck, in practice the channel L dech the left and on the right deck channel R?

I would like to use an iRig too. Does Djay 2 provide this? I only have Djay 1.

OK, so, you can turn on split cue output, switch the Djay crossfader to the left turntable, enable headphone cue on the right turntable, leave them be, and use iRig to mix. The volume levels are even; it works fine.

This is a total hack though. It would be nice to get proper support. When using the pitch adjust it’s easy to flip the cue button so I’m worried about that. Also, I’m worried about DJing late night and reaching for the Djay fader out of habit :wink:

btw, Djay is wayyyy nicer than iRig’s DJ Rig app. I can’t use that thing at all.

I can’t get the preview to work though. It blends with the mix when pre-cueing on left deck. Very annoying…
Anyone with similar experiences?

Is there a way or hack in djay to copy the Split function used in free DJ Rig (ik multimedia) where Left = deck A output and Right = deck B output? That should make djay work with Irig Mix.
BTW Dj Rig is useless, it crashes on Os 6 time after another. Djay is beautiful!

Hi Kumar303, i hope you still read thuis forum.
Hope you can help me. I use 1 IPad and DJay app. I have the iRig mixer. I connected a stereo mono splitter intro the headphone output on the IPad. I enabled split output. The 2 fabels go to the iRig mixer. 1 in the left and 1 in the right. In Djay app i switch the cross fader to the left and put headphone on for the right deck. Still i can’t get deck A on the left fader and deck 2 on the right. I cannot cue en pre-listen.
What do i do wrong. I know it can work!