User defined default audio devices

I use an external audio device as my main out but I also take my computer away from the studio quite often. Every time I return DJay finds my USB audio device and puts up a message that says it found a new audio device shall I use it for pre-cueing as it has already gone and assigned built-in as main out.

I am constantly going into audio prefs and removing builtin output as main out and configuring my external device and then moving built-in to pre-cueing.

It would be nice if I did not have to do this every time I hook my computer back up. Some sort of user defined preferences or device defaults that it will use if those devices are present would be nice.

So another way to put this is. If I disconnect my audio device, without any interaction or permission from me it places the built in out as my main out. However when this device returns I now need to reconfigure and give my permission to get it back. Either DON"T JACK WITH MY CONFIGURED AUDIO DEVICE or Give my device the same curtesy the built in gets, that is if it is my preferred device go make it so without a bunch of questions to me.

I use the XENYX302USB external mixer/sound card by Behringer. If I unplug USB or move a cables or in any way loose connectivity even for a second it translates to reconfig work for me.

Is there a way to hack it under the hood to default to this device? I never use the built in device but I am constantly changing it from that.

ANYTHING? This is the most annoying problem. I need my audio prefs set exactly the way I set them. if you can’t find my audio device don’t go grabbing another one! I NEVER use the built in for main out. I do occasionally use it for Pre-Cuing. If I loose my audio device for even a millisecond DJay decides to make my device I have designated for Pre Cueing as main out. I have to tell you that is bad. It was already defined as pre-cueing. Leave it alone!

I wanna say yes but I the devil is in the details. MY use case is that I alway use my USB Codec as main out. However I do remove my laptop from this environment from time to time. I am not trying to use DJay then but just other things on my laptop. Then when I connect back up the no USB audio and the native audio is “camping” on top of Djay main out. So the ritual consists of first moving that off then when it is open I can now finally add back USB Codec. Why would they un-assign Mac out from Pre-cueing as assigned?

Hi Daniel,

i see where your problem is. Thank you for pointing that out. Could you tell us which external audio device you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Daniel Conder,

we understand your frustration. I forwarded your issue, if I am getting this right user prioritisation of setups and audio devices should fix your problem am I right?

Lukas E.