Using 2i4 Focusrite with the Ipad for DJAY-ing

How to use thescarlett 2i4 Focusrite with the Ipad for DJAY-ing in a club, is this possible and then please how to do this, setup?



Assuming the the Scarlett is class compliant and needs no drivers to operate? You will need an Apple USB3 to lightning adapter for iPads that have lightning port or USB C media adapter for newer iPad Pro. Plug in Scarlett to USB port on adapter and you must also need to charge iPad at same time , hence the Apple adapters! If they are not charging you may get low power warnings. Open up Djay settings select audio device … either internal or external if routing to mixer for ch. 1 &2 . If using iPad to control mixer section or using midi controller choose internal.

Are you able to pre-cue with this setup?

may I ask the purpose of such a setting for djing? Maybe for adding a mic?

I think iI m missing something… where do you connect headphone for pre-cuing?
I m thinking to a setup with just an ipad pro…

And with that conmection can you pre-cue any selected track on algoriddim djay app?


Same question…

Yep pre-cue works perfectly, can listen to tracks on my headphones before pushing them to the speakers.

Pre-cue, mic, and mixing at home on my Mac :slight_smile:
The 2i4 apparently would only support output to the balanced outputs as chan 1-2 and chan 3-4 combined, as they require stereo.
Didn’t test it, but that’s what I read, hence I went for the new 4i4.

at the front of the 2i4 or 4i4, right side down. requires 6.3mm jack.


Superb, i got the 3rd gen 4i4 instead and it works like a dream!
Maybe wanna add to your faq at least the general information about class compliant device support etc.