Using a bluetooth external speaker with USB headphone pre-queue

Hi, seen this question in a few old threads but thought I might ask again as am working on a super sweet portable setup.

  • IPad Pro - Djay Pro
  • DDJ-200
  • USB connected cans
  • Bose S1 Pro bluetooth speaker

It’s OK I can use the split cable to connect the Bose S1 with an audio cable to the splitter, but what would be perfect would be to be able to have the Bose S1 as the master out via bluetooth and be able to pre-queue with the USB-connected headphones. I know this has been asked and may be a hardware or software limitation, please let me know.

So the only cable would be needed is the headphone/usb3 thingy…

I love the app in any case!!!

I am afraid this is still an iOS limitation.
I do agree it would be great to have bluetooth and cabled audio out at the same time. But until now not even multiple airplay devices are possible.

Thanks for the clarification!


And then there is this bluetooth sound delay.
You might end up in messy situation that you don’t have latency in your headphones, but there is significant delay between ipad and bose speakers…

The best I can get from BT is 19ms latency for up to 2 devices parallel which is broader line acceptable. (Skaa)

However most on a commercial BT setup are experiencing at best somewhere around 38 ms of latency.

Dedicated transmitters and receivers are the way to go right now for anything wireless.

If anyone is interested check this

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