Using an external sound card with DJay

I was wondering if anyone uses an external sound card with DJay. I’m running DJay 4.1 on my MacBook. I use the Griffin split cable but would like to run some stereo sound output and will likely be adding a controller in the future. But for now, I use my keyboard with the KB Cover.

Just wondering. The sound I get with the MacBook card and mono output isn’t that great. Even in my amplified speakers.

Hi Kevin,

Generally speaking, you can use any USB/FireWire audio interface that is supported on the Mac.

Check out Griffin iMic.

This is the one I was thinking of:…

I’m sorry to write in an older thread but cannot seem to find find any info on which USB external sound card to use with ipad 2 and djay. Nothing fancy, I just want to get stereo out and I assume the sound will be better as well. I have the CCK and tested it with a very cheap USB sound card dongle and it works. But I’d like to get something for cca 50-60 €. It will do until I buy a decent controller. What would you recommend?

I have my first gig in a bar this Saturday with this app! Love it.

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