Using Audio Interface and Cueing

Hi guys so I have a bit if a tricky one. Any help really appreciated in advance. Will do my best to explain.

I’m travelling next month so am using my iPad pro and reloop buddy as very small and easy to take with me.

However the sound/soundcard coming from the buddy isn’t very good when playing on large systems so I want to buy an audio interface. I tried with my bose T8s mixer using a usb hub to connect it to the iPad but couldn’t work out how to cue up tracks separately.

I think I may need to buy a separate audio interface.

Do I route audio from the reloop buddy RCA outs going into the audio interface and cue up using the headphones out on the buddy or will this just be the same audio quality? I.E. would the audio be processed in the reloop or in the interface? Would the quality be that of the buddy or interface that I purchase.? If the audio is that of the interface then I assume I can just use my Bose T8s mixer and route the audio via analogue cables and cue using the buddy.

And if I route audio through usb (if the analogue audio route doesn’t help above) how do I actually manage to cue as the headphones socket on the buddy won’t work as audio is being transferred via USB to the interface.

I hope this makes sense!!

Thanks so much!

Yup. This has no added value. To be sure you’ll need an additional 4 channel audio interface.

There’s a lot of info in Precueing using external USB sound cards


Happy to buy 4 channel interface but how would I connect it up?

Does it connect through USB?


Yes. The magic words are ‘class compliant’. You should be able to hook up any of these…


I use a Mackie pro fx 6 mixer, I run RCA’s to quarter inch TRS. From the mackie I I run xlr male and female to and from my speaker to the mixer. I have also use an audio interface the same way but, I had more control with a mixer. I use a DDJ sb3 and use the DDJ sb3 connection through its port to cue up the music through my headphones. I hope that answered what you were looking for and I hope you made it clear. This is done with an iPad.

Thanks got a presonus interface and it works. Thanks so much.

Only thing is headphones only coming out of one ear as I need to put them in either channel 3 or 4 so only getting mono into either side.

Any ideas.?


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Any Y cable with the right connections will do.