Using Decks 3/4 in 2 Deck Mode.

Can decks 3 & 4 be controlled while in 2 deck mode? I seem to only be able to to use decks 3 & 4 while in 4 deck mode.

Also, you cannot see channel 3 or 4 effect in the four deck mode, only effect 2 or 3. I have a reloop mixon 4 and have no way to change effect 1 from the default to something i actually like… having a 3/4 two deck view would potentially address this… two birds with one stone!!! Booyaa!

Hi there,

by switching, via a remapped midi controller or via a 4 deck controller you can access all 4 decks any time.

Cheers,Lukas E.


I see, didn’t get it at first :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this is not possible, the 2 deck mode will always control deck 1/2.
What do you want to setup, why do you need to control deck 3/4, maybe I know a work around.

Lukas E.

I see thank you for sharing your use case. I forwarded this internally and we see your point.

Stay tuned, would be great to find a work around.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, I’m not using a midi contoller. My goal is to be in 2 deck mode and control decks 3/4 instead of decks 1/2. I guess I am asking is there a way to toggle?

4 deck view is a bit busy [for my taste]. When I play 4 decks I mix tracks on decks 1/2, on decks 3/4 I run loops. Would be nice to choose what I see in 2 deck mode, instead of going back and forth between 2 and 4 deck mode to change the loop(s). Either way I toggle, just looking for a more comfortable view. It was something I got accustom to in SDJ. Thank you for taking the time to reply!

Definitely need the option for using deck 3 & 4 in 2 deck mode! I’m using my technics 1200’s which have to go into ch 1 & 2 in my DDJ-SX, this means I need to use 4 deck mode to use DJay pro… unless you know of a way to route deck 1 & 2 to ch 3 & 4 on my DDJ-SX?