Using Djay pro with "picky" audio devices.

Hello everyone. After using this fantastic program for a month adapting the equipment I already had and after reading various posts here on the forum, I came to these conclusions (I hope to be proven wrong though!!).

  1. Traktor audio2 mk2. Good for sending the main audio signal to the mixer. The problem is that the headphone output does not work with applications other than Traktor djay. The only solution is to connect headphones to the mac output.

  2. Allen&Heath Zed10 mixer. It has a usb input/output, but as far as I understand the audio coming from djay pro is not “splittable” on the mixer. In fact in djay pro’s audio settings if I select “usb audio codec” for the main output, it won’t let me do it for headphones as well, and vice versa.

Is this really the case or am I missing something?

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This was my experience with the Traktor Audio 2 mk2 on the Mac. Only the main audio output worked.

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sorry, but can you explain to me what these two mixers have to do with the DJ world? to best use DJay2 Pro, you must use a midi mixing console and not audio mixers

A better setup would be to use the Allen & Heath Zed10 for your main audio and then CUE with the headphone jack on the laptop. I’ve done this before with similar equipment and it’s worked very nicely.


I’m not really a djay. I have a live set mostly in the house genre on which I play sax and other instruments. Since I find it more comfortable to play on the whole track than on clips I found djay pro really ideal for my needs.

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