Using DJAY2 with ORBSMART 500 LOLLIPOP 5.1.1, WIFI crashes and can not be connected, need to restart to get WLAN back


When I start DJAY2 on the ORBSMART 500, the WIFI connection gets stopped and can not find anymore. I have to restart the System to get the WIFI back.

Hi Juergen,

thank you very much for your mail. 
Could you tell us if after restarting the system the problem is gone every time?
Also how often are you experiencing these WIFI dropouts.
Have you tried to reproduce this your problem with another Android tablet?

Than you in advance.
Lukas E.

Hi Juergen, 

thank you for your post. The problem is that we don’t have the possibility to reproduce your described bug because we don’t have a Orbsmart 500 at our office.
It would be great if you could send us a video of the described problem to
That would help us tons.

Thank you in advance Juergen,

Lukas E.

That would help us a lot thank you Juergen.

Lukas E.

Hello, yes the WIFI is not accessible anymore after start. Even all the Access points are disappeared. When I restart everything is OK.

I found a solution, I got all the time asked, when I start DJAY2 that I allow access to all the USB, when I say OK the Program stops and I have to start it again.
Yesterday I have plugged a USB into to device and it starts.

Conclusion, it starts only If the USB plug is used by a stick.

Can you take that in to your bug fix list?




I have also the same Problem with a similar Tab from hisense. Same behavior
Android Version 4.4.4. I will make a small Video and send it to you.