Using iDJ Live jog wheels to "search" in Djay like a CD

I’m a long-time CD-based DJ who quit but has agreed to do some very small parties. I just started using iDJ Live with Algoriddim’s Djay, figuring it would be a suitable (and very portable) replacement for the gear I used to haul around.

I would like to be able to fine-tune where I set the cue point for a track. Is there a way to pause the track and use the jog wheels to search backward and forward, hearing the frame I stop on “stutter” (as I’m used to from CD DJing), and set the cue point at that exact frame? I’m especially having trouble trying to search backwards; it seems like I can’t use the jog wheel to go backwards at all.

Hi Brian,

Stutter Edit is not available in djay. Though, you should be able to search backwards using the jogwheels.

What happens when you rotate the jogwheels backwards?